Registration for the 2018 PD TriNation now open

The registration for the 2018 TriNation meeting is now open here

Please note, that you will have to register for each day separetely, and for day 2, you will have to register for both PD-meeting and CMA-workshop if you wish to attend both.

We will try to host a dinner on the first day, but registration for this will be at a later time.

Other practical information will be posted eventually.

Also, we have now confirmed Elanco as Gold sponsor of the 2018 TriNation meeting, and Veso and Marine Harvest as Bronze sponsors!

Gold sponsor for the 2018 TriNation meeting

Bronze sponsor for the 2018 TriNation meeting

Bronze sponsor for the 2018 TriNation Meeting

(We need more sponsoring, please contact us if you are interested)


Call for scientific presentations for the 2016 TriNation meeting

For the 2016 TriNation meeting, we invite scientists to submit presentations on current research updates on PD, CMS or HSMI. Research within the areas of vaccines and strain pathogenicity are ecouraged, but all new and relevant research regarding the three diseases and their agents are welcome
If you are interested in giving a presentation, please forward a title, name and affiliation of presenter and a short description of the topic (3-5 lines), including a brief summary of the practical implications of the findings. The presentation should be applicable and focused towards solutions for the industry. Please keep in mind that this is not a scientific conference only for researchers!
Proposals should be sent to mona-dverdal.jansen @ (remove all spaces before mailing).
We will close for abstract submission August 1st, and let presenters know August 15th if they have been selected or not. In case more presentations are submitted than can be accommodated in the program, the steering committee will choose those that fit the program best between the submitted presentations for oral presentations, and the rest will be offered to give a poster instead.