Preliminary program for 2016 TriNation Meeting

The program for the 2016 TriNation meeting in Aberdeen is taking shape.

This year, the meeting will take place at the Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen AB11 9DB. (More practical information will follow at a later time).

For now, we are happy to present the preliminary program of the 2016 TriNation meeting:

1st day: 12 Oct

Welcome & Situation updates
Industry perspectives:
Managing PD
PD free zones


Economics of PD
Risk minimization of PD, HSMI and CMS
PD Vaccines:
Updates on vaccines
Open discussion on requirements for effective vaccines
Summing up from day 1

2nd day: 13 Oct

New research


New research continued
Summing up from 2016 TriNation meeting

Submission of abstracts for the scientific presentations of day 2 will open on June 15th, so please stay tuned.

Program for the 2015 meeting updated

The program has now been updated with more details, including titles of presentations and names of presenters. The updated program can be found here: Program for 2015 TriNation meeting

Note that the program is still subject to change.

Further, there are stil some available spaces, so the deadline for registration has been postponed to May 22nd


2015 TriNation meeting -Preliminary program

The preliminary program for the 2015 TriNation meeting looks like this:

1st day: June 3rd

Morning:        Welcome & Situation updates

Industry perspectives

Afternoon:     Workshops (To be announced)

Summing up from day 1

2nd day: June 4th

Morning:        New research

Afternoon:     Expert panel with discussions

New research continued

Summing up from 2015 TriNation meeting