TriNation 2020 -first announcement

The 2020 meeting will take place at Victoria Quay in Edinburgh, which provides an easily accessible venue for participants from all countries. The meeting will be from November 10th-12th 2020.

The program is under planning, and will include the following sessions:

-Welcome & Situation updates from (PD, CMS & HSMI)

-Experience from the production and the use of management strategies to mitigate disease.

-Vaccination and control. Special focus on experience from field use of CLYNAV and on best practice for administering vaccine.

-Experience with the use of functional feed in the field.

-Welfare and viral cardiomyopathies. Factors that influences mortality, ie. Mechanical lice treatments and concurrent infections with gill pathogens.

In addition, we invite scientists or industry representatives to submit presentations on current research updates on PD, CMS or HSMI.

TriNation logo competition!

For a while, there has been a discussion that TriNation should have its own logo. Something to recognize the initiative.

Therefore, TriNation Steering group would like to invite anyone with a creative mind to submit a logo for the TriNation, with the following criteria:

-Should be easily recognizable

-Easy to print

-Should contain the word «TriNation»

-Should somehow relate to the three viral diseases; PD, HSMI and CMS, and/or to viral diseases of hearts in salmonids. It should be thus discernable from other «Trination» initiatives.

Remember, that the aim of the TriNation is to integrate and focus the activities of academia and industry from Norway, Ireland, Scotland and more recently other salmon farming regions on SAV, PRV and PMCV and related diseases. Your logo suggestion should be forwarded to Tore Hovland (tore @ (remove spaces), before May 10th. You can use any format you like for the proposal. The winner of the competition will be announced at the meeting in Dublin, and a suitable and attractive prize will be handed over, in addition to the honour of having designed the one and only TriNation logo.

Early registration for 2019 TriNation meeting now open

We have opened up an early registration for the 2019 TriNation meeting. So if you allready know that you are going to participate, please register here:

There are some rooms available at a discounted rate at the Trinity College itself. At the registration page, you’ll find information on how to book. Please do so as soon as possible, as June is a popular time for tourists to stay at the dorms at Trinity.