Edinburgh Sept 2012

Welcome & Situation updates Chair: Charles McGurk, Chairman of TriNation
WelcomeCharles McGurk, Skretting AS
Update on PD in Ireland Hamish Rodger, VetAqua International
Geographical distribution of  SAV subtypes in Scotland and Ireland Marian McLoughlin, Aquatic Veterinary Services
Status of PD and HSMI in ChileElena Orellana, Sernapesca
PD in Norway Britt Bang Jensen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
SAV2-epidemic in NorwayMonika Hjortaas, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
New and ongoing research projectsChair: Merete Bjørgan Schrøder, FHF
Bibliography of new publications last 5 yrsMarian McLoughlin, Aquatic Veterinary Services
Presentation of three new research projects on CMS in NorwaySven Martin Jørgensen, Nofima
FishPathogens.eu –a common tool to organize aquatic viruses Helle Frank Skall, Technical University of Denmark
Presentation of a new project on SAV2 in Norwegian aquacultureHilde Sindre, Norwegian veterinary Institute
EpidemiologyChair: Britt Bang Jensen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Risk map and spatial determinants of PD in Norwegian salmon farming sitesSaraya Tavornparnich, Norwegian veterinary Institute
Seasonal temperature change influence the dynamic of PD in salmon aquacultureAnne Stene, Aalesund University College
Prevalence of SAV in common dab in Scottish watersDavid Bruno
Genome characterization of flatfish alphavirus and its risk to aquacultureIveta Matejusova
Pathology and pathogenicityChair: Randolph Richards, University of Stirling
The Effect of Dietary Lipids on the Pathology of Salmon Pancreas DiseaseTharangani Herath, University of Stirling
Comparative pathogenicity of Norwegian Sav2 and SAV3 in experimental challengePetter Frost, Intervet Norbio
Increased protective immune responses in a whole-virus Ag vaccine against SAVHanna L Thim, University of Tromsø
Clinical aspects of SAV 2 induced pancreas disease in Shetland Marian McLoughlin, Aquatic Veterinary Services / David Sutherland, Westside vets
Vaccination and control Chair: Michael Welsh, AFBI
Comparison of different vaccines and vaccine booster regimes against PDStephen Mutoloki, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Efficacy of an inactivated whole-virus vaccine against SAV in laboratory challengesMarius Karlsen, Pharmaq AS
Vaccines against SPDV – results from a large scale GCP field trial conducted in Norway 2010-2012Terje Tingbø, Pharmaq AS
Field Experience of Norvax Compact PD use in the UKDafydd Morris, MSD Animal Health UK
Field Experience of Norvax Compact PD use in NorwayDag Knappskog,  MSD Animal Health
Innate responses to salmonid alphavirus infectionsØystein Evensen, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Efficacy and Safety Studies of a SAV NAV Vaccine in salmonVolker Gorenflo, Novartis
Evaluation of the PD-control strategy in NorwayBrit Hjeltnes, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Recurrent infections with PDTorunn Taksdal, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Diagnostics and methodologyChair: Paul Midtlyng, Novartis
Novel biomarker discovery through analysis of the serum proteome of Atlantic salmon  during pancreas disease John Tinsley, Biomar AS
Development of alternative methods for the in vitro study of heart affecting diseases and host- pathogen interactionsPatricia Noguera
Review of the diagnostic criteria and the role of concurrent infection with PD, HSMI and CMSChair: Kim Thompson, University of Stirling
Identification of knowledge gapsChair: Gordon Ritchie, Marine Harvest