Trondheim 4-5 February 2014

Welcome & Situation updates  Chair: Charles McGurk, Skretting ARC AS

Welcome  Charles McGurk, Skretting ARC AS

PD in Ireland  Susie Mitchell, Vet-Aqua International

Update on PD in Norway  Anne-Berit Olsen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Viral myopathies – current clinical situation in Scotland  Sara Pflaum ,  Fish Vet Group

Alphavirus, PRV and PMCV situation in Chile  Marcela Lara Fica, Servicio Nacional de Pesca y Acuicultura

Industry experiences  Chair: Gordon Ritchie, Marine Harvest

How is PD handled by the Norwegian authorities?  Stian Johnsen, Norwegian Food Safety Authority

PD in Ireland – industry experience  Susie Mitchell, Vet-Aqua International

Myopathy – a Scottish industry perspective  Dave Cockerill, Marine Harvest

PD control  Bjarne Reinert, Lerøy Seafood

SAV II – Experiences in Marine Harvest Region mid  Solveig Gaasø, Marine Harvest

Experiences with PD  Karl Fredrik Ottem, Cermaq

PD – SalMar´s experiences  Arne Guttvik, SalMar

Feed  Chair: Neil Ruane, Marine Institute

Can we alleviate symptoms of cardiac disease by dietary intervention?  Gunnar Molland, BioMar

Dietary modulation of PD, HMSI and CMS  Simon Wadsworth , EWOS

PD & functional nutrition  Truls Dahl, Skretting AS

Epidemiology / Comparison of subtypes  Chair: Mona Dverdal Jansen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Site-level differences between marine SAV2 and SAV3 in Norway  Mona Dverdal Jansen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Experimental infection of Atlantic salmon with SAV2 and SAV3 from Norwegian PD-cases  Torunn Taksdal, Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Cross-neutralization studies with SAV subtype 1–6 strains: results with sera from experimental studies and natural infections  Petter Frost, MSD

Reservoirs and vectors of SPDV?  Anne Stene, Aalesund University College

Pathology / Pathogenesis  Chair:  Marian McLoughlin, Aquatic Veterinary Services

An assessment of tissue tropism of Salmonid alphavirus infection in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L.  Manfred Weidmann, University of Stirling

Humoral Biomarker Detection of Skeletal Muscle Myopathy Using Proteomics  Mark Braceland, University of Glasgow

PRV infection – More than HSMI  Maria K. Dale, Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Vaccination and control  Chair: Anne-Berit Olsen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Contribution from vaccination and genetics in PD control  Nina Santi, AquaGen AS

PD Monitor and differential diagnosis techniques for Pancreas Disease  Dafydd Morris, MSD