TriNation 2021

The TriNation 2021 will be held as a virtual meeting on Microsoft Teams on April 21-22nd from 12.30-16.00 CET. 

The meeting will be held in collaboration with the Norwegian Seafood Research fund (FHF). See the program for the meeting below.

To sign up for the meeting, please use the following link: is an upper limit of 300 participants, and the registration will close on April 16th.  Participants will recieve meeting links two days in advance.

To compensate for the lack of social interaction we will arrange smaller break-out rooms during the breaks.

Below is the confirmed program, updated April 13th.

Day 1: Wednesday April 21st 12.30-16.00 CET

Session I:

12.30 -13.40 Welcome and Situation updates
12.30Welcome by Tore Hovland, President TriNation
12.40Scotland by Eann Munro, Marine Scotland
13.00Norway by Hilde Sindre, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
13.20Ireland by Susie Mitchell, Fish Vet Group

13.40-14.15 Virtual coffee: Breakout rooms

Session II:

14.15-15.00 Epidemiology and disease management
14.15How our knowledge of alphavirus infection (PD) in farmed salmon can inform the management of Covid 19 in humans? by Marian McLoughlin, Fish health & production Veterinary consultant
14.30Epidemiology and pathogenesis of Piscine orthoreovirus genotype 3 by Juliane Sørensen, Technical University of Denmark
14.45Sequence variation in the full genome of PMCV sampled from field outbreaks of CMS by Aase B. Mikalsen, NMBU -Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

15.00-15.15 Break

Session III:

15.15-16.00Host-pathogen interaction
15.15PRV-3, but not PRV-2, cross-protects against PRV-1 and HSMI in Atlantic salmon by Maria Dahle, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
15.30Experimental challenge trial in Atlantic salmon with PMCV – insights in pathogenesis of CMS by Niccolò Vendramin, Technical University of Denmark
15.45PRV-1 isolates differ in virulence by Øystein Wessel, NMBU – Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

16.00 End of day 1

Day 2: Thursday April 22nd 12.30-16.00 CET

Session IV:

12.30-13.40Development in diagnostics and support
12.30A field evaluation of diagnostic tests for SAV and PD by Mona Dverdal Jansen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
12.45Field study on the assessment of a method for detection of SAV in seawater at Norwegian Atlantic salmon farms by Lisa-Victoria Bernhardt, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
13.00Identification of serum proteins from Atlantic salmon with CMS by Janina Costa, Moredun Research Institute
13.15Assessing the use of cardiac biomarkers as a health management tool for early diagnostic of CMS in Atlantic salmon by Jorge del-Pozo, University of Edinburgh
13.30Remote customer support project by Claudia Marin, MSD animal health

13.40-13.55 Break

13.55-14.10 Information from TriNation

Session V:

14.10-15.15Vaccine development
14.10Efficacy of licensed PD vaccines administered to commercially reared Atlantic salmon naturally infected with SAV2 and SAV3 in sea cages by Magnus Røsæg, Salmar
14.25Cellular immune responses in rainbow trout following vaccination and challenge against SAV by Kimberly Veenstra, Friedrich Loeffler Institut
14.40Effect of vaccines against CMS by Marius Karlsen, PHARMAQ

14.55-15.15 Break

Session VI:

15.15-16.00Vaccine evaluation
15.15Effect and side-effects from PD vaccines by Espen Brudal, PHARMAQ
15.30Effect of DNA and oil-adjuvanted vaccines for PD on spinal pathology, growth and economic impact of commercially reared salmon by Ragnar Thorarinsson, Elanco Animal Health
15.45Duration of immunity in Atlantic salmon parr vaccinated with CLYNAV using a saltwater SAV3 cohabitation challenge model by Ana Silva, Elanco Animal Health

16.00 End of day 2